Managing Commercial Properties With A Passion

We protect your commercial asset like it’s our own.

The word “advisors” is in our company name for a reason. It’s because that’s precisely how we go about adding value for our clients. Whether we’re working to bring sellers and buyers or landlords and tenants together, or we’re managing properties, we bring our experience and knowledge to guide our clients to optimum decisions and solutions. And we stay committed every step of the way.


We know from experience that commercial property ownership is highly rewarding. But we also understand that there are many expected and unforeseen challenges that come with it. Managing and protecting property assets requires a lot of time, discipline, and patience, sometimes more than even the most well-meaning owners can provide.

New Branch property managers can fill those gaps.

Our services include:
  • Creating and maintaining positive tenant satisfaction and retention
  • Protecting the asset through regular property inspections and reports, administering service contracts, and recommendation and oversight of repairs, maintenance and approved capital improvements
  • Working collaboratively with clients to develop and execute an annual budget
  • Collecting rents
  • Providing monthly financial reporting
  • Optimizing net operating income and asset value
Contact us to learn how we can collaborate with you in getting the most out of your commercial property asset.

“When people call on us for help, they don’t hire a single broker. They hire a team. At New Branch we work collaboratively to give our clients the most robust intelligence and experience possible.”

– Mark Hermans, Partner and Broker



Looking to invest in commercial property? Searching for a great office space to lease? Need help managing your property? Whatever your interest, we’re here to help. And we’re listening.