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Category: Property Management

Different Types of Leases

While leases can vary widely from one property to the next, there are several types of leases which are commonly found in commercial real estate. Since every lease can be different, the most important things for a tenant and landlord to understand are which expenses are covered in the lease and which are excluded.

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Do You Have The Right Property Manager?

At New Branch Real Estate Advisors, we have learned over time and firmly believe that every management assignment is an opportunity to build a partnership between the Landlord and the Tenant where each party will be successful in realizing their goals.

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How does New Branch Real Estate Advisors differentiate itself from other real estate companies? At New Branch Real Estate Advisors we take a team-oriented approach.

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Glossary of Terms

The following is a glossary of real estate terms, copied directly from Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate – Reference Manual, as published by the

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