Tools You Can Use

At New Branch, we get our energy from helping people. We’re advisors first and foremost, with years of experience and knowledge to share. Feel free to browse these resources and tools, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. 


How does New Branch Real Estate Advisors differentiate itself from other real estate companies?

At New Branch Real Estate Advisors we take a team-oriented approach. By having two or more team members working together on an assignment, we share in the work load, the responsibility and the clients’ success. And when the inevitable challenges arise, we work together to overcome them.

In addition, we regularly communicate with our clients so that they always know what activity is occurring on their listings and what we are doing to make sure their property is being marketing actively.

How does New Branch Real Estate Advisors advertise properties?

We advertise properties through various channels, and always gain the client’s written permission before doing so. We list on the internet, including (as premium members), (the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors database),, and, when appropriate, the We also place a sign or banner on the property, create marketing fliers, share information with the local Economic Development Commission, and speak directly with neighbors and others in the community who may have an interest in the property.

What is your commission rate?

Commission Rates vary depending on the situation. Please feel free to call one of our team members to discuss your property and what a commission rate would be.

What are the different types of agency?

There is a seller’s agency, buyer’s agency, landlord’s agency, tenant’s agency and dual agency. To learn more about agency, please click on the Working with Real Estate Agents form provided by the NC Real Estate Commission.

What are the different ways to quote rental rates?

There are many different ways to quote rental rent; ultimately, it involves asking the landlord or landlord’s agent what costs are included in the quoted rent and what costs are not. Triple Net, Modified Gross (or Gross) and Full Service are three common ways rent is quoted.

In addition, rent is often quoted as a yearly cost per square foot. One simply multiplies the square footage in the space by the rate per square foot to obtain the yearly rent. Dividing that number by 12 gives the monthly rental rate.

What is a tenant improvement allowance and how does it affect rent?

A tenant improvement allowance is a certain sum of money that a landlord is willing to put toward building out improvements in a space. The higher the allowance, the higher the rent usually goes.

Why do Landlords often want longer terms?

Longer terms usually translate to higher property values, because there is more rent promised in the future.

What is a CAP Rate?

A Cap Rate or Capitalization Rate is a rudimentary way of calculating an investment property’s return. A Cap Rate equals the property’s Net Operating Income divided by the Purchase Price.