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our team approach to commercial real estate in the charlotte area


The word “advisors” is in our company name for a reason. It’s because that’s precisely how we view ourselves. Whether we’re working to bring sellers and buyers or landlords and tenants together, or we’re managing properties, we bring our experience and knowledge to guide our clients to optimum decisions and solutions. And we stay committed every step of the way.

We provide brokerage representation in transactions involving office, industrial, retail, and land properties.

Buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate can be difficult to navigate. And we know from personal experience that it’s often hard to know who you can trust. Our success in brokerage has been built on our team approach, our disciplined process of research and analysis, and our steadfast insistence that our clients’ needs always come first.

We know from experience that commercial property ownership is highly rewarding. But we also understand that there are many expected and unforeseen challenges that come with it. Managing and protecting property assets requires a lot of time, discipline, and patience, sometimes more than even the most well-meaning owners can provide. 

New Branch property managers can fill those gaps.

Tools You Can Use

At New Branch, we get our energy from helping people. We’re advisors first and foremost, with years of experience and knowledge to share. Feel free to browse these resources and tools, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. 

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Benefits, Risks, and Strategies Investing in commercial real estate can be a profitable way to diversify your portfolio and build long-term wealth. Commercial real estate refers to any property used…

The Value of Land

Factors that determine the value of Land One of the first items to consider is the type of zoning.  Understanding if the property is zoned for industrial, retail, general business use, high/low density residential, or…

1031 Exchanges – How and Why?

How can the 1031 Exchange affect the decision to sell? The following is a hypothetical example designed to illustrate why a 1031 exchange would be worth considering: Let’s say Mary’s family has owned a 100-acre…

Different Types of Leases

While leases can vary widely from one property to the next, there are several types of leases which are commonly found in commercial real estate. Since every lease can be different, the most important things for a tenant and landlord to understand are which expenses are covered in the lease and which are excluded.

The Charlotte Region

Greater Charlotte The Charlotte region comprises about 2.7 million people. Its transportation hub, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, provides two-hour access to 60% of the nation’s population, while interstate and rail provide one-day service to 60%…

The CAP Rate

A Cap Rate or Capitalization Rate is a rudimentary way of calculating an investment property’s return. A Cap Rate, or Capitalization Rate, is a commonly used metric to analyze an income-generating real estate investment.  It…


How does New Branch Real Estate Advisors differentiate itself from other real estate companies? At New Branch Real Estate Advisors we take a team-oriented approach. By having two or more team members working together on…

Glossary of Terms

The following is a glossary of real estate terms, copied directly from Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate – Reference Manual, as published by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, copyright 1997. Abatement – In…

Leasing versus Owning Commercial Real Estate

When considering whether to lease or own commercial real estate, there is one simple question for every business owner to understand: Where does your capital earn its greatest return? This article touches on a basic framework for considering a lease versus purchase.